Breaking Bad Habits: How To Break Them

“To change your life, change your habits”

A new year brings on change and new adventures. We all start the year off right by eating healthier and exercising. However, it never seems to last. Wanting to make better life choices won’t happen over night. We will have to put some effort into it. Which that can be hard at times. Today, we will learn how to break some of those nasty old habits.

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    All Hail Qveen Herby

    Qveen Herby released her 4th EP on November 2, 2018. The Qveen has created a body of work that I can’t stop listening to. From the jump, “Nintendo” and “Beverly Hills” were my favorite songs after the first listen.  However, the music truly grew on me after listening to the EP over and over.

    Qveen Herby has gotten me excited about her journey as an independent artist. This EP is PERFECT to me! Qveen Herby is most definitely on repeat since November. I can listen to the EP at work (headphones in, duh!)  If you grew up with parents who loved listening to music while cleaning on a Saturday morning. It can become a habit that you incorporate in your life now. This EP would be a great addition to your playlist.

    I wanted to share some of my favorite lyrics from each song on this EP. You should keep reading to see what songs could become the sound track of your life.

    Took a “L” back then, so I really enjoy the win – Beverly Hills

    I honestly love this line. I’ve been feeling like I can’t win for nothing but this gives me hope.


    Wish I could delete you and me and the memories – Alone

    There are a couple of people that made me feel like this. However, I look back and laugh. Thank you, Next!


    Honey and some cream, candied up like a Moschino$ip ft. Sonyae Elise

    This line just sounds good to my ears.


    Take all my coin and then you head home – Nintendo

    Some relationships can be draining. Especially when I give so much of me up for them. I give up my time, my energy and space.


    Muscle on these boys, but they game is so weak – Pray For Me

     This line just makes me yell out “ayeeee.”


    You can check out her EP here.  I would love to know what were your favorite songs. I would recommend checking out her other EP’s as well. Here is a list of my favorite songs from her previous EP releases.

    Qveen Herby EP 1- 3

    1. “Wild” from EP 1
    2. “Holiday” from EP 2
    3. “Sade in the 90s” from EP 3

    3 Simple Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity

    We all could use a little boost in productivity. I have found 6 chrome extensions that have really helped with increasing my productivity.

    Chrome is a web browser that was created by Google. This web browser was created back in 2008. So it is a pretty young browser. That doesn’t stop the 60% of the people who are currently using this web browser. Are you in that 60% using Chrome?

    I am a huge fan of Chrome! Trying to build a successful blog forces me to improve my time management skills and productivity. However, staying focus can be tough.Keep reading to see the six chrome extensions I am using to boost my productivity. These add-ons can help achieve any goals.

    I am a Tab Hoarder. It doesn’t matter if I am at work or if I am working on my blog. At any given time, I have a million and one tabs open. I need every single one of them! Don’t Judge me!

    I run into the issue where my computer decides to freeze up and runs all slow on me. If you have this same issue then you should definitely check out this one out.

    1. The Great Suspender

    If you are using Chrome and a big fan of multitasking. Then,  consider using The Great Suspender if you want a smooth and faster browsing experience. The Great Suspender does exactly what you are thinking.  This plug-in will suspend any tabs that you currently aren’t using.


    My tab for my YouTube video has been suspended. Each tab that isn’t being used will look similar to the picture above or show a snippet of the website you were on.

    If you ever wanted to re-launch a tab, all you need to do is click on the page. The Great Suspender will load the site back up for  you. There is an option to suspend a tab manually, click on the little icon next the address bar at the top and select Suspend this time now.

    There are even settings that can be customized to anyone’s needs.

    2. Grammarly

    Even though English is the only Language I’m fluent in. I still have trouble with misspelling words and struggling with grammar mistakes. Grammarly definitely has helped me to spell proof my life! That is why I think Grammarly is a great tool that everyone should consider using. Grammarly is much more than your regular ‘ol rinky dink spell checker. It’s great way to improve your word choice, grammar, and punctuation.


    3. Momentum

    My favorite thing about Momentum it allows me to set my own focus item for each day. For now, the my main focus has been creating content for my blog. Another thing I enjoy is making a list! Momentum allows me to create my own to-do list. The to-do option in the bottom right corner is where you can add the tasks that needs to be completed for the day.


    To customize Momentum via the settings icon in the left corner. You will be able to add your favorite quotes and any pictures that spark inspiration. I would love to know if you are interested in trying these extensions for Chrome. If you have any suggestions for any other extensions I could use, please let me know!

    4 Steps To Deciding To Do Better

    It’s another Saturday and you woke up around 2pm today. You don’t even feel like getting out of bed. Every Saturday, you binge watch whatever is on and don’t even dare leave the house.  You wonder how you even ended up being so lucky to spend another weekend doing nothing.

    You know you don’t have to keep doing this? For some reason, you have given up on yourself.  It’s time to take charge and live the life you have dreamed of. If you are reading this, it’s not too late.

    You should spend some time figuring out what you want out of life. No, you don’t need to know your purpose. However, you will need to know what drives you. I believe that we don’t all just know what we are meant to do with our lives. I think you need to see where you are to know where you want to go.

    1. Be Reflective

    You need to be able to know where you are in life. Not by where your parents, friends, or family may think you are.  Take some time to write out what deciding to do better means to you.

    1. Identify Improvements

    Earlier in the post, I mention about waking up late on a Saturday. If you are like me, that’s something that I want to work on. Of course, you can work on any aspect of your life. It could be spending 2 hours to reading a new book or going to the gym.

    1. Make a Plan

    How will I achieve it? If I want to wake up early at 6AM then I’ll need to be in the bed before 11PM each night. That should give me about 7 hours of sleep. I am a very cranky person with any less than that.  I will have to get off work no later than 4:30PM to make it home by 5:00PM.

    1. Do the Work

    This is the part that trips a lot of us up. You have to actually follow through and hold yourself accountable. So for the past few weeks, I have been getting up early. Not pressing that snooze button has been easier with me getting enough sleep.

    I hope you remember this post when you are ready for a change. You could even start today. Take some time to follow the 4 steps and see what you can come up with. If you ever need someone to chat with, please feel free to reach out to me.


    Money won’t be made until you start reading You are a Badass at Making Money.

    Many of us have a love-hate relationship with money. You’ll go to a job you hate for it. You might even sell your kidney on the dark web for it. Okay,  is that too extreme. If money is the root of all evil then why do we all want more?

    Don’t let your own thoughts about money keep you away from it. 

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